Precision CNC Turning Copper & Brass Alloy Products


Precision CNC Turning Copper & Brass Alloy Products

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We utilize precision CNC turning centers from MAZAK and precision turret lathes from CHENTAI for CNC turning of copper & brass alloy.

Our expertise allows us to achieve tight tolerance for both inner and outer diameters, with tolerance within 0.01mm, true roundness within 0.005mm, and positional tolerance within 0.02mm.

Among the commonly processed copper & brass alloy grades are C1100,C2100,C2200,C2700,C3604,C3710,C17300, and more.

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At our manufacturing facility, we use state-of-the-art precision CNC turning centers to machine copper and brass alloy products with the highest precision. Our team of highly skilled technicians and engineers have deep expertise in the field, allowing us to achieve extremely tight bore and outside diameter tolerances.

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Our CNC turning process has tolerance levels within 0.01 mm, ensuring every product meets the strictest quality standards. We understand how important it is for our customers to have components that are perfectly suited to their application, and our commitment to consistently high tolerances ensures this.

Additionally, we are proud of our commitment to precision. Our true roundness measurement guarantees that your product will have a perfectly round shape with a tolerance level of just 0.005mm. This exceptional accuracy ensures optimal performance and seamless integration into your projects.

We also understand the importance of proper alignment and positioning in CNC turning. To meet these demands, we implement strict positional tolerance standards and our products boast an incredible level of accuracy within 0.02 mm. This level of precision ensures our components will blend seamlessly into yours, contributing to the overall success and functionality of your project.

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