X-ray fluorescence(XRF) spectrometer


X-ray fluorescence(XRF) spectrometer

Handheld X-ray fluorescence(XRF) spectrometer, capable of quickly and accurately analyzing the composition of most metal materials.

X-ray fluorescence(XRF) spectrometer-01

Strict raw material control:

As we deal with the production of a wide variety of small batch products, to manage the diverse range of materials and ensure that each product meets customer requirements, Zhuohang Precision equipped itself with a XRF spectrometer that can rapidly detect material composition many years ago. With this, we can analyze the majority of metal elements. This enables us to control potential issues such as receiving incorrect materials or mislabeled materials from raw material suppliers. For materials with strict chemical composition requirements, we provide material certificates and production batch numbers from the material manufacturers and also submit them for testing by third-party organizations.

Post time: Nov-13-2023